Nam Tran Managing Broker / Owner

Phone: (720) 261-5327

Nam is a licensed, bi-lingual (Vietnamese) Real Estate focusing on Residential Real Estate transactions. As a Real Estate analyst, Nam gained in-depth knowledge of all aspects of evaluating current and future market trends. Nam successfully transitioned to a Broker in order to capitalize on his analytical skills and to combine them with direct support to buyers and sellers.

As an Engineer by education and an analyst by trade, Nam has the unique ability to bring objectivity to the decision-making process. As a metro-area resident of over 20 years, Nam is familiar with the local Real Estate market. He is here to help buyers, sellers and small investors deal with the many challenges of their next transaction(s). “My passion for being a Realtor was affirmed when I handled my first transaction. I helped a newly married couple purchase not only their first home, but their first investment property. For them, the 4-unit residential property, in a quiet neighborhood convenient for both the husband and wife, was the answer to their buying goals. They were able to make a “home” in one of the units while meeting their investment property goals by renting out the remaining units.”

Nam looks forward to working with you. He is proud to be an integral partner in the Signature Real Estate team!